Battlefield 4 news intel drops in three months

By Alan Ng - Feb 1, 2013

Battlefield 4 is on the way in the near future, DICE and EA have already confirmed that months ago to the surprise of the current Battlefield 3 community. Beta access has been confirmed for those that picked up Medal of Honor Warfighter and now it looks like EA will soon be ready to talk about their next Battlefield entry, which very much looks like will be on the next-generation of gaming consoles.

At the moment, focus is still very much on the remaining End Game DLC expansion for Battlefield 3, which will be available sometime in March on all platforms. After that EA will immediately switch their attention to Battlefield 4, as EA Games label chief Frank Gibeau has revealed in a recent investor’s call that Battlefield 4 is definitely confirmed for a 2014 release date.

Furthermore, he’s also revealed that further Battlefield 4 information will be announced within 90 days, which means that we’ll hear more on the development of the game around the April or May period. It’s no secret that the Sony PS4 and Xbox 720 consoles are supposedly due out at the end of the year, so it’s safe to say that we’ll all be enjoying Battlefield 4 on a brand new console (or PC) when it arrives next year.

One of the essential features arriving is thought to be solid 60FPS gameplay on the next-gen consoles, although this may not be possible if Battlefield 4 still supports the PS3 and Xbox 720. However, there’s still the debate ongoing as to whether next-gen consoles will even support old discs or used-games, so we’ll have to wait and see what happens there.

What are your thoughts on the imminent arrival of Battlefield 4 in 2014? Do you think it is too soon after Battlefield 3, or is is it great to see a new Battlefield game arriving on next-gen consoles as soon as possible?

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  • peter

    hay guys. i used to play lot of xbox/play. but to much lagg.dont game eny more. its all about internet speed. thay need to make all internet ther same in one big server.and payng xbox live for my owen internet when i own it all redy. wot a joke.i pay $399.a month for 4g network fast as. and xbox live do one thing slow my net to a lagging speed to make ther net staible.ive gamed since 1981. and thay use my hard erned $ to use my internet weith out my permision. and i cant join my mates party.and one more thing xbox live has bein hacked by japan and thay wont tell u that and clowd storage has bein hacked thats why we have bugs in ther game. of duty black ops 2 [revolution] and how long did it take to down load 2/3 OWERS. SO EXPECT TO BY A NEW CONSOLE VERRY SOON.

  • Not really interested, since EA has CODded the game and insisted on their terrible Origin DRM….

  • Ken Reinertson

    Bf3 came out in 2011. I don’t count DLC as new games just updated content. So development of BF4 probably started soon after 1st DLC came out. That gives than about 2 years of development on a new game but the same engine. I doubt we will see anything overly new. I expect similar if not exact same user interface. All I see changing is the story, models, new unlock system and maybe a few new interactive or lighting tricks. Maybe they’ll finally have a Battle recorder and a working VOIP for the PC that isn’t completely broken and useless. They already destroyed the best part of BF series for me which was the strategic element. Everything is run and gun now and faster in pace. Too much like Call of Duty at times. :/