Wii U Revolution DLC for Black Ops 2 false alarm

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2013

The Wii U version of Black Ops 2 is considered the best by some gamers who have had the chance to compare it with other console versions. So far Treyarch hasn’t committed to any DLC for Nintendo’s version, but Wii U owners are optimistic that Treyarch will bring the likes of Revolution and other future DLC at a later date.

This week saw the release of Revolution for Xbox 360 Season Pass owners and it appears that a recent patch update for the Wii U version is causing a lot of confusion. The patch was deployed to bring the Wii U version up to speed with the Xbox 360 and PS3 counterparts, but word has spread that Wii U owners have been seeing Revolution information pop up in the Wii U version – obviously leading to speculation that the DLC could be coming sooner than expected.

There are also some animation problems that are occurring on the Wii U version and Treyarch has moved quick to issue a statement on the matter. Unfortunately it looks like the Revolution menu listings that are present in the Wii U version are there due to an error and not a confirmation that the Wii U is getting the map pack any time soon.

Treyarch has apologized over the issues, but you can imagine the frustration for those that picked up the Wii U version which is arguably the best, yet they have no DLC or no Season Pass to buy. A new patch should be on the way to fix up some of the other problems in the game, but hopefully Treyarch is thinking long and hard why the Wii U should be excluded from DLC.

As a Wii U owner who plays Black Ops 2 regularly, are you disappointed that there is still no word on any DLC for the game? Do you think it has something to do with the lower multiplayer player count on servers compared to the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions?

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  • liveslashdie

    This could be a vicious circle. I can see why Treyarch wouldn’t spend time & money bringing it to Wii U because off it’s low player count, but this sort’ve thing will likely stop more people from joining the Wii U community. I know it’s early days, but this always happens with Nintendo. I like my Wii U, but when the new Xbox & PS4 hit Nintendo are going to feel it. Especially if Wii U is still running with half it’s features like it currently is here in the UK. The Wii was no powerhouse, but it was innovative and cheap. I hope I’m wrong, but I can’t see how Nintendo can hold they’re own, this coming Gen.

  • Kenny Hayward

    Everyone I have ever talked to and me included think the Wii U version of blops 2 is by far the most superior version of the game. They just released some pretty big patches on the U and I am optimistic that we will get the DLC. When a game is this golden, why waste it with none of the upgrades?? Activision is smarter than that and they know the U population is steadily growing and us U owners and daily blops 2 players deserve the content.

  • CheeseMan

    DLC for Wii!

  • Tomcraft52

    Stupid question! Of cause i am dissapointed there is no dlc for wii u!

  • I strongly believe there will be a release, I’m sure they are just figuring out how to implement the eshop.

  • Dra

    the Wii U has only been out for a couple of months, people act as if it came out the same time as the Ps3 and X-Box, give it a chance. the other systems were the same at the time they came out. I want the DLC for BO2 and GTA5. as of now if you have never played it, it’s the best system out there!

  • craig hunt

    Amazing arnt they both infinity ward and treyarch also activision yes it is dissapointing but if we look at it from a buisiness perspective I presumed from the back of the box where it mentions paid devices they were expective thousands of players to buy this version which was never gonna be the case mind you I have it on Xbox ps3 and Wii u and prefer playing on Wii u version and from a business side of things how many of those 3000 players etc on Wii u are gonna buy either season pass or map packs the real answer is probably not nearly half of that figure which would piss of the people who play and Connor get into matches so whichever move they decide for this version is not going to go down well with customers of there’s oh and also it didn’t really help Wii u version this time round due to the month after every other version release of the game as people who perhaps wanted it would have bought it for the console they have already we will only see true sales figures with the next cod game with same release date then for sure there’s no excuse for not missing out on doc on such a fine machine

    • Still 50 bucks per player isn’t bad. I’m sure more than 3000 players would buy the DLC.

  • roughneck

    if we don’t get dlc im done with call of duty. you had an excuse with the wii now you have none.

  • Madd Dream

    Wii (us wii u folk) NEED the dlc!!

  • gus

    when will the season pass be available

  • The wiiu may ony have 3,000 players daily, but if the map pack is already made and put out there, whats to keep treyarch from simply convertying it to the wiiu version? They’ve shown us how these patches can be converted and released on wiiu, so just do the same with the map pack, make some extra cash, and please the wiiu’s gaming community

  • Person Next Door

    Wii U is only a few months old, so some people that actually really want it haven’t gotten the time or money to buy it quite yet. Just give it time.

  • Me

    Wiiu is the future, get on it!

  • Ezequiel

    I know the Wii U doesn’t have many players yet,but they should still give us a chance.Bring DLC to Wii U