Skyrim PS3 DLC release dates imminent after clearance

By Alan Ng - Jan 31, 2013

We have another update for PS3 owners of Skyrim now and it’s more good news. As most of you already know, Dawnguard and Hearthfire have now been confirmed for PS3 release, joining Dragonborn which will be available first as part of all three DLC releases sometime in February. Pete Hines has been providing updates on his Twitter account and we could be seeing Dragonborn very soon after his latest update.

We told you last week that Bethesda were just waiting for ‘certification’ from Sony, for both EU and US so that they could then finalize a release date at last for the missing DLC packs and bring some joy to PS3 users after a frustrating period. Well now Pete Hines has confirmed that certification has now been passed on the US side of things, and he’s added that EU certification is also in the final stages as well.

What that means is that release dates should now be coming very soon and if all three packs are due out in February as earlier promised by Bethesda, we have a feeling that Dragonborn will be due out in the first week of February, and will then be followed by the Dawnguard and Hearthfire releases as the month progresses.


In related news, Pete Hines also confirmed at the same time that the long awaited PS3 patch 1.8 update has also passed certification as well and that it will be the very first update that does go live when all is ready. That is because the patch is essential for the upcoming DLC packs to work if you didn’t already know.

So not long to go now, it feels like an eternity of waiting. Are you going to spend most of your time on Dragonborn or Dawnguard though?

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  • arc0066

    honestly ive got a new xbox w/ all three dlc and dragonborn is the best, dawnguard is just something i feel is for the general public,not for the true elder scrolls fan. hearthfire is pretty cool too,but expect to die if your below lvl 30 on solstheim in dragonborn.

  • OMG ! THE DLC’S ARE SO CLOSE ! ( I hope )

  • CuriousCrab

    Long wait. Glad they didn’t go wrong with Dragonborn, It’s early new year to me and fair enough. To be honest though. What is better? The add-ons on time or late but at half price? Whichever, glad they’re coming out.

  • blob the bob

    im still pissed off to learn that the sale we are going to have is the same crap that xbox live had last month as well as steam, as usual PS3 gets screwed over again.

  • bloodlust1

    woah long wait but ready to play skyrim again

  • WOLF77

    Dawngard!! Im a PS3 gamer and I will be buying ALL THE ADD ONS! I didn’t wait about 5 months for nothing! Im really looking forward for the new Lycanthropy game play! huge werewolf fan! and just can’t wait to buy dawngard! I’ll also buy hearthfire and dragonborn.

    • kohlqez

      I thought dawnguard was vampires…

      • thevoidbender

        it is but it also has a new perk tree and abilities for werewolves too