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New PS Vita Killzone gameplay will take some beating

Following on from the revelation this week that Killzone Mercenary is apparently ‘better than Uncharted’ in the graphics department, we have some brand new gameplay to show you that should help to justify these claims, or not if you disagree. Even better, Guerilla has finally given a solid release date for the game letting PS Vita owners exactly know when the next big game is arriving.

To get the disappointing news out of the way, we can tell you that you are going to have to wait as long as September for the game to come out, as Guerilla Games has confirmed that the release date for Killzone Mercenary will be September 17. To alleviate some of the pain, there has been a major blowout for the game, more specifically in the form of some brand new gameplay action aside from the original announcement trailer that we saw last year.

We can also tell you that the single player campaign is going to last around six to eight hours and then anyone getting bored can then jump straight into a fully fledged multiplayer mode that has support for 8 players between 4-4 teams and on a selection of 6 different maps and three multiplayer modes.

The video we have to show you below gives you an early treat into the collection of weapons that you’ll be introduced to in the game and there is a fair selection. It almost looks identical to the PS3 version, although obviously it is not going to be an exact conversion – but impressive nevertheless.

Considering that Black Ops Declassified was considered a major disappointment, Killzone Mercenary should put some faith back in to the debate on whether the PS Vita can handle a console quality shooter or not. Check out the new footage below courtesy of VG247 and let us know how you think Mercenary is shaping up.



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