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More White Nexus 4 photos show beauty

Earlier on this week we showed you the rumored first image of the white Nexus 4, ending its self-imposed exile since launch when consumers found out they couldn’t purchase it along with the black model. It now appears that Google has alleviated some of their infamous stock issues as we’ve seeing even more pictures of the white model, this time in excellent quality which shows off the sheer beauty of the white variant.

As we also told you earlier this week, Google has their next I/O event scheduled for May at the Moscone Center, so that could be the perfect time to introduce the white version with greater storage capacity and no stock issues that have plagued the black model. The sexy white skin has been spotted for the second time in the space of a week over in Vietnam, thanks to those guys again at Tinhte who have provided the new eye candy.

We see the white crystalized texture in clearer detail than the first picture leak this week and you definitely can’t say that you wouldn’t want to pick one of these up if given the chance. So far though, there’s no word from Google or LG for that matter, so we’ll just have to assume it’s coming soon and that more leaks will give us further details.

It does make you wonder though how the white version has managed to find its way over in Vietnam when we haven’t heard the slightest details on the white Nexus 4 over here. We would love it if Google suddenly announced the availability of a white Nexus 4 with 32GB of storage on the Google Play store – although saying that Google’s store will probably start crashing all over again.

What are your thoughts on the white Nexus 4 based on this lovely image – would you buy one in a second if it arrived in the US?



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