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BlackBerry Z10 size vs. Galaxy Note 2, S3 and others

BlackBerry’s so-called savior is finally here (for some) and even before the new handset was officially unveiled it had been pitted against several top-selling phones in a battery test. However, we have found a new video review that not only stacks the BlackBerry Z10 up against the Galaxy S3, Nokia Lumia 920, but also some unusual suspects as well, the Note 2, BlackBerry 9900 and an old Dev Alpha A.

However the biggest surprise is why would someone wish to do a BlackBerry Z10 vs. Galaxy Note 2 when they are completely different markets, but it’s clear this is just to see how they compare size wise.? No matter what people say about the Z10, it is a gorgeous device with its rubberized back and sleek front. While the Z10 and S3 look very similar in size, it’s not until you turn both devices on that you will notice the bezel around the former giving it a slightly smaller display. However, we have to say that the overall quality of BlackBerry’s latest device is far better.

The Nokia Lumia 920 looks a little thicker when placed side-by-side with the Lumia, but it’s also a little wider as well. However, because the Z10 is made from plastic it is very light but doesn’t feel cheap, although we can’t help think it looks a lot like the iPhone 5.

It’s when the Z10 goes up against the giant that is the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, which is a cross between a phone and a tablet that we had to laugh. The Note 2 almost looks comical, which is one of the reasons why I have refrained from buying one. When the Z10 is out next to the Dev Alpha A you see they are almost identical, but we’ll let you view the video and see for yourself.



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