Nissan GTR vs. Ducati 1098 and Lamborghini Reventon Roadster

There’s nothing better than a good old drag race to settle the man from the boys in the auto world, but this latest challenge does seem a little mismatched at first. However, once you watch the video you’re in for a shocking surprise. There are three vehicles involved; the first is a Nissan GTR, the second a Ducati 1098 and the final vehicle is the sleek looking Lamborghini Reventon Roadster.

Before you even look I bet you will say that the Ducati is the clear winner because of how much lighter it is and then once the Lambo stretches its legs it will take off into the sunset. However, as an added twist the bruiser that is the GTR has been fitted with a launch upgrade, which as we know helped a lot a few years ago when F1 cars were allowed to use it, with Renault having the best system on the grid.

If you don’t wish to know the outcome then you had best watch the video below now. You’ll see all three vehicles line up on the grid and when they all takeoff the Nissan GTR gains the best start thanks to the 2013 launch system, the Ducati begins to gain a little but the Lamborghini seems very slow next to the other two, as they stretched out an astonishing lead.

Once the GTR reaches 135mph the Ducati then overtakes it but the GTR is not out of the race because once the Nissan hits 180mph the motorcycle has nothing left to give and the GTR takes the win. The Lamborghini Reventon Roadster is last.

However, if the two cars begin with a rolling start it’s a different story because the GTR is unable to take advantage of its impressive launch system and while they seem neck and neck for several seconds, the Lambo kicks in a gear and leaves the GTR for dust.



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