GTA 6 set in future needs reasoning

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2013

GTA V isn’t even out yet, but we are already starting to hear discussions on what the next GTA game should be and the type of setting the game should feature. It is almost certain that we’ll see the next Grand Theft Auto game on a next-gen console, but could you imagine the possibility of Rockstar making a surprise shift to a futuristic setting for the game?

It almost sounds unheard of, but we saw with Red Dead Redemption that Rockstar are clearly capable of developing an open world game set in a different atmosphere than their obviously city style comfort zone that we see with the GTA series. We have a few interesting quotes to share with you now, from Dan Houser when asked what the chances of GTA going into the future are.

His reply, when speaking to French website Ecrans was that ‘We will do it the very second we have an idea’. He added that ‘anything is possible in a video game’ and but his main emphasis was that they needed a ‘reason’ to do it first, and not just jump into futuristic gameplay for the sake of it.

His ideas are likely to attract a lot of interest from fans who are also intrigued as to the future of GTA and where the series will end up next. At the moment, it doesn’t look like the city-setting is in danger of losing popularity – if anything the popularity is as high as ever upon hearing that GTA V will be the biggest open world game that Rockstar has created to date.

Can you honestly say you would love a GTA game set in the future though with flying cars and futuristic weaponry like plasma rifles? Or should we leave that kind of business to other developers and keep GTA games city based forever? It’s an interesting debate this so let us know which side you are on below.

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  • Jacobi Coriolanus

    I wish these people with all these “great” ideas that comprise nothing more than copying other games would just form their own company and make a series instead of demanding the best formula in gaming history be destroyed for niche markets.

  • SL1DE

    I hope not. I hate games based in the fictional future. They need to make another GTA game based in the past. Vice City was epic.

  • Spawn

    Well there could be a game set in different periods, say 4. So there would be 4 different main characters and eventually the stories would intertwine and they’d all be in one place at the same time if you see what I mean. Would be pretty cool.

  • i just want that delorian. and it might be interesting to see a gta in a different time. worked pretty well for gta 3 spinoffs

  • GTA always represents our present which is obvious in GTA IV about how the world is changing going through the american dream and the rich arab in America!
    And NO! We want GTA to be the same and don’t change!