Final Fantasy on Sony PS4, Xbox 720 tech teased

By Alan Ng - Jan 30, 2013

Final Fantasy Versus XIII and Final Fantasy X HD may be completely off the radar at the moment, but Square-Enix has made no secret of the fact that they are well already underway on Final Fantasy development for the Xbox 720 and Sony PS4 consoles. The company has released further teases of their next-gen Luminous Engine, showing the latest stage of progress for the Agni’s Philosophy tech demo.

If you watched E3 2012, you would have seen the very first glimpse of the Luminous Engine in action. At the time we asked which was better between this next-gen engine and Epic’s next-gen Unreal Engine 4 demonstration, with a lot of you telling us that you liked the technology from Square-Enix better.

The developer is known for their amazing graphics, and it’s clear to see that the first Final Fantasy game to show up on next-gen consoles if going to be very special indeed. The level of detail is frankly amazing, as you’ll see in these three close up clips that we have to show you – examining some of the facial tech that Square-Enix has at their disposal.

While it’s great to see Square-Enix are already planning for next-gen, it’s hard not to think of the delays that have met previous games in the series and the potential wait until the next-gen Final Fantasy game is actually ready for release. It’s borderline ridiculous what has happened with Final Fantasy Versus XIII and the same pattern appears to be happening with the FFX HD remake as well.

Take a look at their 2013 Luminous Engine update below and let us know your thoughts on progress so far. Are you a bit worried about the infamous delays that continues to plague their products?

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  • James

    Though I’m not shutting down anyone’s theory that Versus is moving to the PS4, I don’t believe that is the case:

    -They have been developing/planning this game for the PS3 for a LONG time. Even is it were easy to port to the PS4, it would seem like a waste of time.
    -I may be jinxing it, but Versus is going to happen soon (like within the next year or two). There are going to be a lot more people with PS3s than PS4s, so switching would hurt sales.
    -The director of Versus, Tetsuya Normura, likes to push a platform to its limits when he creates a game. All his planning for this PS3 game would essentially go out the window in his eyes, if he were to suddenly switch.
    -Part of the reason that Nomura is working on Versus for the PS3 is so that when they’re finished, that same team can turn around and use all of that experience/knowledge of PS3 mechanics for Kingdom Hearts 3 for the PS3. Again that would throw that out the window, as well as throw off the KH schedule he has.

  • Vrrumdri

    I don’t think Versus will be next gen. They have invested heavily in this being a current-gen game and they would need to change a lot to bring it to the next gen or turn it into the next main game. I’ve got a good feeling that it will be coming out 2014 sometime. But that’s only an educated guess on my part.

  • kaitlin

    I have a love hate thing about versus moving to next gen. I bought the ps3 a few years ago specifically for versus. Ive only played 2 games on it so far. So id have to shell out a crap load of money for the ps4 right when it comes out cause versus will probably come out soon after or at the same time. Which isnt smart on their part either. Theyd be making much more keeping it on this gen. Since who would want to buy a ps4 right when it comes out just for that game? As depressing as it is cause ive been waiting 6 years, id have to wait another few til i could afford to get the ps4. But im sure the graphics would look freaking amazing on versus if it got moved to next gen.

    • shikamaru317

      Yeah, I considered getting a PS3 just for Versus but decided to wait until the game was close to release. That likely paid off for me, if it releases on the PS3, I can buy a PS3 for a lot cheaper now than I would have several years ago, and if it releases on the PS4, I’ll be able to buy one and enjoy Versus with amazing graphics. There’s always a possibility for a cross-generation release on both PS3 and PS4, I remember a few games doing that last gen, such as GRAW (Xbox and Xbox 360). It might even release on the 360 and/or the NextBox, they’ve hinted at a possible 360 release in the past, and unless Sony shelled out a good bit of dough to keep it an exclusive, Square might just release it on the Xbox. Honestly, that would probably be Square’s best bet, if they managed to release on all 4 platforms at once and actually have the game run well on all 4, they could sell a lot of copies, at least if the game actually turns out good and doesn’t turn out a huge dissapointent like several other games with long developments. Square really needs Versus to be a hit, recent FF games haven’t exactly been well recieved. If Versus is a flop Square’s credibility will take a big hit, not to mention their bank accounts, and possibly the only thing that could save them then would be a VII remake, which they seem hesitant to make.

      • Valefor0

        A vii remake (shake my head). It’s ps1 game, that would have taken at least 2-3 years too make!! And that would have been a huge step backwards for the series!

        • caveman2964

          You do realise just how many Final Fantasy fans have been asking Square for a remake of VII, right? Ever since they released that tech demo of VII running on the PS3, people have been begging them for it, but their official response was “[we] will only consider this once a brand new game in the franchise exceeds the quality of that found in FF7”. I’ve seen alot of online posts from people saying that a VII remake is the only that that can redeem Square Enix for recent failures in there eyes. Personally, there are 3 things I want from Square, Versus XIII, Kingdom Hearts 3, and the VII remake. If Versus is a success, hopefully they’ll be in a position to make the other 2, if Versus is a flop, hopefully they will pull the VII remake out of their bag to try and save their reputation.

      • Hipster Saxophone

        There is NO way Versus will see a release on anything other than a Sony console. Square has constantly said that Versus will be a PS3 exclusive title.

    • al

      Try ni no kuni or tales of graces f. I’d also highly recommend the RPG xenoblade on the Wii. It’s the best RPG in years.

    • Valefor0

      it’s not just too move it too the ps4. The graphics are made on ps3 hardware. So if they would release it on the ps4 they could either just release it like it is (with ps3 graphics) or totaly remake it from the ground up for ps4 graphics. It can not imagine, in my wildest fantasy, that versus would come out on the ps4. My guess is that it will come too ps3 sooner or later, just be patient. That’s unfortunately all you can do.

  • shikamaru317

    However, I do doubt that it will be using the new Luminous engine, since it was being developed on the Crystal Tools engine. Unless of course what little they’ve shown previously was all that they actually had completed, in which case it might have been easier to just start fresh on Luminous. More likely though that it’ll just use an upgraded version of Crystal Tools engine.

  • shikamaru317

    I get the feeling that Versus XIII has made the transfer to next-gen. It’s been ages since the last reveal, yet in interviews they’ve said we’ll be amazed at how much it’s changed since we last saw it. I think the reason they haven’t shown it is because they can’t, they have to wait on Sony to unveil the PS4 first.

    • Valefor0

      *facepalm* If they are going too make it for the ps4 they have to start from scratch again….

      • shikamaru317

        The game hasn’t been shown for 2 years. They could have been remaking it on PS4 that whole time for all we know. I’m just saying it’s a possibility. There has to be some reason that it hasn’t been shown to us for that long. Sony could have paid them to switch to PS4, obviously Sony wants as many launch titles as possible for the new system when it releases. As for starting from scratch, we don’t know just how hard it would be to make the game on both PS3 and PS4, cross generation releases have happened in the past, I’ve played several of them. All it would take is for the game to use the same engine and for the PS4 to have enhanced features, 1080p vs the PS3’s 720p, more anti-aliasing, improved textures. Rather or not it will be possible depends on just how different the architecture of the PS3 and PS4 really are.