Deadline for iPen 2 release approaches

The deadline for the iPen 2 release is fast approaching with just 6 days to go and there’s a strong possibility that the stylus for the iMac, MacBook Pro and the iPad might not achieve the funding in time. The goal of $360,000 has yet to be achieved because the amount pledged so far stands at $271,547, and if it does not receive the required funds by February 5th then it could be game over.

If you would love to see the iPen 2 released then you had better get your donation in before it is too late. For those who have not heard of this Kickstarter, which was launched on December 27, 2012, it is a universal stylus that can be used on a number of Apple products, which you can see a demo off in the video below.

This is not like the old stylus pen from several years ago that was very simple in its design because the iPen 2 has several levels of pressure sensitivity well 1024 to be precise. Previous devices like this would require you to hold the pen in a less than natural way, but with the iPen 2 you can hold it any way you feel comfortable without loss of performance.

There is to be two versions of this new stylus, the iMac iPen 2 model, which is to cost $169 and the iPad version for $119. The former is to come with a stand included while the latter benefits from a compatible iPad Smart case.



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