2014 Toyota Tundra enhancements in latest spy shots

With the Chicago Auto Show taking place soon after Detroit you’d have thought that we would’ve seen all there was to see, but the former event will have a few exclusives, such as the 2014 Toyota Tundra, which we already explained a few days ago. We first assumed that all Toyota would give us was a slight refresh rather than an all-new design, but several enhancements has been spotted in the latest spy shots.

While the 2014 Toyota Tundra still might not have a complete redesign that we had hoped, there are still various improvements that could still make this a worthwhile refresh. You’ll notice from the image above, with more available here (thanks to KGP Photography) that we can see the front end has several changes, such as new headlamps and a redesigned grille.

This is a clear indication that there are many new features to the exterior, although we will not know until the camouflage panels are removed. However, if Toyota has any hope of taking bites of the American branded pickups then they will need to offer something very different in the 2014 Tundra compared to its predecessor.

Let’s hope that when Toyota go to Chicago and they introduce the all-new Tundra it really is something very different, because we have seen in the past that this was not the case. We hope to learn a few more details in the build up to next months show, such as the full 2014 Toyota Tundra specs and price.



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