Microsoft Surface Pro lacks storage space, options available

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

With the imminent release of Microsoft’s Surface Pro consumers have already started to discuss the subject matter of storage because it looks as though the Pro version has the same issue as the RT, and that’s Windows 8 being a little greedy. While it’s easy to start saying that this is the beginning of the end for the device, it’s not as serious as it would be if this were an iPad as there are other storage options available to you.

When tested the 64GB Surface Pro only had 23GB of free storage space and the 128GB model had 83GB left to play with. However, in a separate test by Softpedia they claim that they only had 19GB left from the 64GB version. It’s no secret that Windows 8 loves to gobble away at your storage space, but as we said above it’s not all doom and gloom.

Okay, so it’s not nice knowing that you have spent a small fortune on a device only to have a huge portion of your storage space hijacked, and we’re sure that many of you have already considered doing a clean install once you take possession of your Surface Pro, but you should hold off for now.

Is it really an issue to have less free space than you first thought? Firstly there’s up to an extra 64GB of storage available to you via the microSD card slot, or if you would rather a little more then there’s also the USB 3.0 port as well. There’s also SkyDrive, which offers a further 7GB of storage as well.

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  • I will be purchasing one for my wife. I will be replacing the drive with a 512GB SSD drive first thing. Storage issue? Not a problem.

    • abc84211

      You can’t replace the hard drive. It’s soldered on, like in iPad / Macbook Air. Your only solution is to put the recovery partition onto a USB drive to get back the 10-15GB it is taking up. This will put the 64GB pro at around 30-40GB of storage, which makes it usable. Hardly consumer friendly though.

      • With my wife’s desire to do video editing, that amount of space is not going to work. I guess she’ll have to stick with a laptop for now until they push out a 512GB or 1TB model, make them with the ability for a drive swap, or I get a good enough look at the insides to determine if I can do the drive swap anyway. I’m not afraid of soldering iron.

  • Jason Wright

    Or just uninstall some of the sh*te you don’t need but always seem to have forced upon you. Got win 8 pro x64 running on my pc and i’m pretty sure when i first installed it, the operating system only took up about 16GB space. I intend to get one of these and will definitely be looking to free up my hijacked space. Hate having things installed i don’t need or want.