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Facebook update iPhone app with new video features

Apple made iOS 6.1 available for download earlier today, but don’t get too excited because the new features and fixes in the latest update are pretty poor to say the least. However, as a way to console those who are still having several issues with iOS there’s also a Facebook update for the iPhone app, complete with the new video features.

Facebook version 5.4 is not only for the iPhone but other devices running iOS 4.3 or higher. Looking at the new features we can safely say that Facebook wants you to say even more to your friends and family, which is why the new app now gives you the option to send a voice message. However, if you find that this is not enough then you can also record and then share your video, which can all be done direct from within the app. The Nearby tab has also seen a slight improvement making it even easier to share your favorite places.

Like the recent iOS update this new Facebook app does have one or two issues, one of which is not being able to send a free video message if you live outside the US or Canada. More details can be found on the iTunes website.

Over the years Google Maps was considered the most popular iOS app, but this has since been overtaken by Facebook, but would this have been the same if Apple Maps was never pre-loaded onto the iPhone 5?



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