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4K TV sales to soar during World Cup 2014

The first 4K TV channel has already gone live in Europe, although the only content being shown for the moment is demo footage and not actual programs. However, they plan to launch their first channel offering this improved visual content once they are able to analyze consumer demand. However, a Japanese broadcast company has said that they will show the 2014 World Cup in 4K.

By then we would have been treated to some amazing 8K TVs at next years CES, but for now all we are interested in is 4K TV because by 2014 the price of these TVs that support the improved quality would have gone down in price, and if this is the case then knowing that Japanese consumers would be able to watch World Cup in 4K would surely help 4K TV sales?

There has been some confusion recently because some people had assumed that the cameras being used would not be able to record in 4K and then would need to be upscaled, but this is not the case because many sporting events have already been filmed in 4K, such as the recent Olympics, although it was only broadcast to select people.

When we come to the start of the 2014 World Cup and you live in Japan or are visiting, then we would advise you to start sucking up to your friend now if you wish to view the huge sporting event in a quality that has never been seen before. Let’s hope that the likes of USA, UK and other parts of Europe screen the 2014 World Cup in 4K as well, as these would be a perfect way to help generate sales of those TVs equipped to handle the technology, as well as promoting their new 4K sports TV channel.



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