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RIM’s Super Bowl XLVII ad to cost for BlackBerry 10

With just three days left until RIM officially release their first BlackBerry 10 devices along with BB10 OS as well the company understand that they need to get creative in order to build up public awareness. As if by pure chance the Super Bowl is on in just over a weeks time and would be the perfect platform for RIM to show off their new products.

This is just what the Canadian company is doing says Engadget, but looking at the advertising fees the RIM Super Bowl XLVII will ad to the cost of BlackBerry 10 OS and BB10 handsets as well. The reason we say this is because the average cost of a 30 second commercial is around $4 million, which is one of the reasons why General Motors decided not to show any commercials during Super Bowl this year, although this has not stopped Toyota and Hyundai.

There’s always the fear that at the moment an ad is played viewers will choose this time to go for a bathroom break or head to the refrigerator for more refreshments. However, RIM has made certain that the commercial will air several times before and after the game, as well as a larger social presences on Facebook and Twitter.

Skeptics would argue that RIM cannot afford such an advertising campaign and this just adds to the cost of the new OS and handsets. However, RIM currently has no debt and we have all heard the saying that you have to speculate to accumulate. We do hope that BlackBerry 10 handsets and OS do very well.

Will RIM bash Apple in their Super Bowl Ad?
We say this because last year we saw an interesting Samsung commercial during the big sporting event where they went just a little over the top to prove their point, although cannot see RIM doing the same – but we do hope so.



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