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PS Vita hardware push with free PSN credit

Last week we informed you that Sony had decided to bring back a popular past time favorite, by giving away a physical PS Vita demo game card jam packed with games for new hardware buyers, including the promising Soul Sacrifice game. Now we have more evidence that Sony is really trying hard to push their hardware to new buyers, with an incentive that offers free PSN credit for those interested in taking Sony up on their offer.

We’ve said that the system is in bad need of some new AAA quality games to play and we have no doubt that Sony will deliver on this when the likes of Soul Sacrifice, Final Fantasy X HD and Killzone Mercenary finally arrive. First though, it looks like Sony’s priority for the time being is to convince new buyers to pick up the PS Vita hardware – perhaps a sign that the system isn’t selling as well as they would have hoped.

After offering the demo card to Japanese hardware buyers, Sony is now offering all US Vita hardware buyers a $20 credit for the PlayStation Network. To qualify, a friend has to ‘convince’ or recommend another friend to buy a new Vita and in doing so successfully, Sony will give both users $20 to spend on the PS Store.

On top of that, they’ll also get 1000 reward points each to spend on the Sony Rewards website, which if we’re honest, we didn’t know too much about beforehand. You can accumulate points by buying Sony products or watching Sony movie videos and then spend them on a whole list of nice prizes.

It goes without saying that you’ll need to rack up a lot of points in order to get something worthwhile. A copy of PlayStation All-Stars is 4000 points for example, while a 3D Blu-ray Home Theater System will set you back a cool 62,999 points – good luck on that one.

We love the idea of the referral system though – are you interested in recommending a Vita to a friend to score you a free $20 credit? You’ll find full information on the website here, while the Sony Rewards website can be viewed here.

Is a lack of marketing the real talking point here? How many of you knew that a Sony Rewards website existed?



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