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Possible Samsung Galaxy S4 sighting and dual-keypad confusion

Whenever we know that a new version of a popular smartphone is due for release we look for anything that points to evidence that it is on the way, and this is just the case with the Samsung Galaxy S4. It seems as though some individuals believe that the next flagship handset from Samsung has been spotted, although we are very doubtful.

The possible Samsung Galaxy S4 sighting was seen in a recent UAProf, which showed a device called the SCH-i337, and it seems that sources believe that this could be the S4. However, we are a little skeptical because of what we see towards the very bottom of the user agent profile because if this were the real deal then it would show that the Galaxy S4 would come with a dual-keypad.

It’s for this reason why it would make more sense if this sighting were a sub$200 Samsung handset with a dual-screen wouldn’t you agree? While looking at the UAProf you will notice a website at the top; the actual website does exist but the webpage that it points to does not. This could mean nothing but we believe that the news is indeed fake.

We already have a few ideas of what the Galaxy S4 could be packing, and we are certain that it will not be a dual-screen form factor. However, there have been rumors to suggest that there could be a bendable display allowing for touch features along the sides. However, we believe that such a feature is still a couple of generations away.



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