Pagani Huayra gains coveted Top Gear title, at a price

One of my favorite things about Christmas isn’t the unwrapping of gifts or seeing members of the family I don’t usually see throughout the year, no it’s the moment when I can finally sit down and watch the Top Gear Christmas special. However, imagine how upset I was when the BBC said that it would not be airing one in 2012? Thankfully a new series started last night and the teaser montage showed that the 19th series has some great features coming up.

However, last night saw something special happen because the Pagani Huayra achieved the converted Top Gear title of being the fastest production car around their track, which up until yesterday was held by the 3-liter Ariel Atom. However beating the previous winner of the fastest production car around the Top Gear test track comes at a price because while the Atom costs around £35,000 £100,000, the Huayra will cost about £800,000, although it’s still cheaper than the brute that is the Bugatti Veyron.

While watching we had assumed that the Huayra would not be able to even beat the Veyron around the Top Gear track because the former has its power transferred to the real wheels, while the latter was an all-wheel drive, which as you would assume would give it far more grip. However, those clever guys at Pagani came up with a unique system of spoilers on the front and rear of the car that detects when more downforce is needed, making the car far more stable in the corners.

The previous record was 1:15.1 achieved by the Atom, but the Pagani Huayra smashed that time by 1.3 seconds. We can’t wait to see how well this car will compare to the McLaren P1, although the 0-60 mph time of 3.2 seconds and top speed of 235 mph will take some beating.



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