Metal Gear Rising Gray Fox DLC bonus for Europe

We have some fantastic news for those looking to pick up Metal Gear Rising next month. The game has already been receiving positive feedback based on the demo that released last week, but now we have some even better info for our readers in Europe. Pre-ordering the game will now score you a free DLC skin, allowing you to play through the game as Gray Fox, the legendary Cyborg Ninja from Metal Gear Solid.

It appears that old Hideo Kojima has had the final say after all. It was only last week that we told you about Kojima wanting to replace Raiden for Gray Fox if he was in full control of the game’s development. It didn’t happen in the end, but having Gray Fox as an additional Skin is definitely the next best thing.

What’s even better is that he will come with his famous Fox blade and Konami has said that you’ll even be able to upgrade it as you’re playing as well, so a bit of added functionality apart from the skin which is great. We’re surprised to see that this appears to be a Europe only deal – especially since EU gamers usually get shafted time and time again with exclusives that are either for US or Japan only.

It’s a victory for EU at last and no doubt a lot of you will now be looking to import an European copy if Konami really intends to lock out US gamers from this goodie. Perhaps there will be another US-only skin on the way that hasn’t been announced yet. We still have almost a month to go until release though, so let’s see what happens.

Are you surprised that Gray Fox is playable via a DLC skin? More importantly, do you intend to pick up a EU copy of the game at all costs now?



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