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MacBook Air speculation for 2013 during price drop

Whenever we learn that a product is to receive a price drop there are two reasons for this, the first is just a general sale to help make room for other items, while the other is a new version soon to be released. Knowing this we’re pretty sure that there will be a great deal of MacBook Air speculation for 2013 because you can currently purchase this slim ultraportable computer for $200 of its full retail price.

While this may only be a temporary discount there are bound to be many consumers looking more into this, suggesting that it’s the first sign of a MacBook 2013 refresh, but we feel as though it’s a little too early for that just yet because the last update to the Air was back in June. However, we’ve seen in the past with the iPad that Apple is not afraid to release an update out of cycle.

Having said that, it came to light towards the end of last year that Apple already made preparations to release the new 2013 MacBook Air and Pro refresh models in June of this year. However, we have yet to know if the design of the exterior will change, although considering the current design of the Air was first introduced back in late 2012, Apple could make a change.

Adding to the confusion we were told that the current MacBook Air model would see a price drop ahead of the release of the refresh, but we assume that this meant on the Apple Store rather than a third-party vendor like Best Buy?

We recently reported that Apple could stick with the 2010 MacBook Air design but make several changes to the hardware, one of which could be a shift to the more powerful Intel Haswell processor, apart from that we don’t see much else being updated.



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