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iOS 6.1 beta jailbreak already established

Apple has only just released the latest iOS 6.1 beta for developers just hours ago, but we can already tell you that the software has been jailbroken. Many iPhone 5 owners are still waiting for untethered jailbreak software on iOS 6, but for now it looks like the final steps are in place for a full download to come soon.

If you have a developer account with Apple, you can visit their website now and install beta 5 of iOS 6.1. There are some new features available, such as Fandango movie ticket support which has now been fully integrated into Siri. There’s also improvements to the Maps application when searching and some enhanced security measures when using iCloud on new devices.

For those with access to the beta, you can also jailbreak the latest software using Redsn0w if you wish to. The version you’ll need to download is Redsn0w 0.9.15b3 and you can find all the links you need and instructions to download here. It’s worth pointing out that it’s the same jailbreak method that was used for the first iOS 6.1 beta, this is beta 5 and the exact same process applies.

How long will we have to wait until a proper jailbreak is out? Apple are moving closer and closer to a full release it seems and we recently told you how a new jailbreak team is now waiting for Apple to make the first move with their official software, before a jailbreak can be released.

Are you someone who regularly downloads these new iOS beta softwares upon release? At the moment the changelog appears to be minimal, but hopefully Apple has thrown in some secret features that will put a smile on iOS users faces who may be feeling a little starved of substantial updates.



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