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HTC M7 lock screen, app layout with Sense 5

Are you excited about the upcoming release of the HTC M7? The elusive new flagship from HTC has yet to be revealed in an official capacity, but everyone knows the phone is on the way soon after a plethora of recent leaks. We have been giving you snippets of information on the new Sense user interface that will be included on the device, and now we’re pleased to say that we can now bring you images of the HTC M7 lock screen, as well as the first page of apps layout.

At the moment, the device is thought to be on the way for an unveil at MWC 2013 in Barcelona, however there’s also rumors that an event may take place before to give the device more spotlight. We also hear that the M7 is on the way to three out of the four major carriers in the US, with AT&T, Verizon and AT&T all thought to be offering HTC’s device to their respective customers leaving T-Mobile as the only company yet to commit – based on rumors remember.

A lot of consumers who have already seen HTC Sense 5 UI leaked have not been too keen on the new software so far, but these new clear images that we have to show you does paint the new UI in a more positive light. Firstly, take a look at the lock screen which has been provided courtesy of the XDA Developer Forums.

You’ll see that the lock screen has a more minimalist approach to it, with HTC just placing emphasis on the digital clock, date, location and weather. We’ve read feedback on how a lot of you dislike the supposed font for Sense 5, but we actually like it and it’s sure to grow on people once the handset is finally unveiled.

A second image shows what the first row of apps will look like and again, it all looks very slick. This time the lock screen daily information has been pushed up to the top of the screen, leaving 4 rows of apps and a max size of 16 in total per page. You’ll find a collection of other sneak peek shots of Sense 5 here and we think it is looking rather good – contrary to the complaints that are coming out on the likes of Twitter and YouTube.

What are your general impressions of Sense 5 based on what you have seen? Are you happy to buy the handset and stick to Sense 5, or will you be tempted to customize when the opportunity arises?



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