GTA V unseen artwork tease before trailer 3

Rockstar may be taking their time to release a new GTA V update, but it looks like a few official images have slipped out that haven’t yet been revealed by the developer. The game is now available to pre-order everywhere ahead of a Spring 2013 release, but we have two images to show you that you may not have seen before, courtesy of ordering the game at GameStop retailers in the US.

As most of you are aware, GTA V artwork posters are up for grabs for those pre-ordering the game with certain retailers. We also had the Rockstar GTA V viewfinders that were available for a limited time, with most of you already having snapped up a collection via a pre-order with GameStop or Target.

The artwork posters specifically feature different types of scenery or characters from the game and although Rockstar has revealed a collection of official posters, it looks like two have slipped out that previously haven’t been seen. The images you see above are new artwork for GTA V and appear to show Franklin robbing a bank and making a quick getaway on a motorcycle in two separate events.

The posters are also another reminder that the game is only scheduled for release on Xbox 360 and PS3 at the moment, so PC owners are set for an anxious wait to see if Rockstar decides to port the game, around six months later as they did with GTA IV. Since these photos went live, Rockstar has apparently confirmed here that they are real, so it’s good to see unreleased material still leaking out ahead of any upcoming official teases from the developer.

The next reveal surely has to be trailer 3 since we are edging closer to the Spring period. When that comes out, we’re also guessing that a solid GTA V release date will be revealed as well. Take a look at the new image tease above and let us know what character you are going to play as the most out of Franklin, Trevor and Michael.



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