Eco-friendly iPhone 5 skins for the UK

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

Whenever we go to the toilet or before we eat a meal we always wash our hands (in most cases) this is because germs can spread easily. However, there is something that we use everyday and we do not even think about what germs can be collecting up, and that’s our cell phones. Thankfully the Eco-friendly iPhone 5 skins for the UK market aims to solve this issue.

As you know there are more germs in a human mouth than there are in a certain area of your body and every time we hold the phone to our mouth to speak, those germs then spread to the mouthpiece. A recent study has revealed that they were harboring alarming levels of harmful bacteria, but you’ll be pleased to know that if you use one of these Ecoskin for the iPhone 5 then those levels will be reduced significantly.

The reason for this efficiency is thanks to Biomaster silver ions, which is said to destroy 99.9 percent of germs, much like the anti-bacterial cleaner you have at home or in your bag. That’s not the only good feature about these new skins, they are also made from a biodegradable marital called Bio-TPU, along with the packaging that has been made from 50 percent recycled materiel.

We’re surprised to learn that the company who makes the marital used in the Ecoskin also makes components for Ferrari. You’ll see from the video below just how nice and tight the skins fit over the iPhone 5 and will come in choice of 7 different colors. There’s no pricing as yet but more information can be found here.

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