Apple TV 4th-generation indication or faux price

Having already speculated as to why Best Buy reduced the price of the MacBook Air over the weekend, we now have to ask ourselves if Staples teasing us with an image of them about to sell the Apple TV is an indication of a 4th-generation model looming, or if it was just a faux price to garner interest?

Recently Staples showed on their websites that the Apple TV would sell for just $50, and seeing as though this is half the price as you would pay on the Apple Store consumers started to read more into it. However, we’re told that it as not just this one product, as there were more Apple products in the mockup web pages, which are no longer available to view.

If this is the real deal then we wonder how long it will be before the Apple TV will be reduced on the official store and if this is truly an indication of the Apple TV 4th-generation? The current version was released back in March and so some consumers would assume that a new version being released soon is highly likely, but we have to remember that Apple doesn’t normally update these each year. Although this will raise another question, what could we expect from the next version?

Personally if you had the chance to buy a 3rd-generation Apple TV for $50 then we’d say buy it and if a new version was released shortly after, not that much will change. However, there could be a twist because Apple could launch their very own television this year, but it would need to be something very special because they will be treading on Samsung’s territory.



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