2014 Nissan GTR Vs. C7 Corvette Stingray, by the numbers

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

There are so many cars that were a huge hit at the recent Detroit Auto Show, but if you were to ask many proud American’s they would say that the Chevrolet C7 Corvette Stingray stole the show – not all of them but a huge percentage anyway. It was so nice to see an iconic car brought up to date, although the car is going to have some very tough competition, one of which will be the 2014 Nissan GTR.

The idea of these two vehicles going side-by-side in a shoot out does seem a little strange when you consider that they are aimed at two different markets, it’s good to get a perspective at just what we can look forward to seeing. However, there are one or two issues that could go against each model, which could give either the upper hand.

First up we have the 2014 Nissan GTR, the first issue we have is that we do not have performance figures just yet, but we do know that 3.8-liter V-6 twin-turbocharged engine, which will produce 545 horsepower. However, we have to remember that each of these engines are hand-built and will only go into one certain gearbox also made for each specific engine, so each car will have a difference in horsepower. Compare this to the C7 Corvette Stingray, which comes with an LT1 6.2-litre V8 producing about 450 horsepower. So on paper the GTR has more power to call upon, although the GTR does have a weight disadvantage with 3887 pounds compared to 3300 for the C7.

2014 Nissan GTR preliminary performance

While the C7 does have the advantage of being lighter no one can argue that the GTR is an out and out racer, which is just pure technology. If we had to compare it to a jet fighter it would have to be a Eurofighter Typhoon, because it needs the computers in order to function, without them neither can do what they are meant to do.

While one would presume that the Nissan would be a better car on the track because of how well we know Japanese cars like to perform on the race track when compared to American models, but we cannot wait to see these two go side-by-side in a track shoot out.

The biggest issue that the 2014 Nissan GTR has going against it is its price, just a fraction off $100,000, whereas the C7 Corvette Stingray is to cost half that. If you had the choice, which of the two would you choose?

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  • detroit muscle

    can you fit a family of 4 in corvette?

  • Quickster

    Like everything the japanese car makers makes. When it comes to styling they have a long way to go. The corvette is way better looking and when you drive a corvette you get more looks than that ugly GTR


    That Nissan is “BUTT UGLY”!

  • Abdulla

    Corvette all day!!! If You want to drive and enjoy the corvette will be the choice. If you want to have a fast toy, then you go for the GT.
    There is a huge difference if the way of driving. Yes, the GTR is a rocket, but driving it looks like driving RR Phantom. You don’t feel the vibration, you don’t hear the battle between the tiers and the road. If you want to feel it, go for the American muscle. Believe me guys, different criteria and different experience.
    You choose what you want to drive.

  • fdsfwfwfw

    GTR all day every day.

  • John

    That 450 horsepower number for the new Corvette is not accurate. GM is holding the actual output numbers until a later car show. Expect the final numbers to be in line with the outgoing ZO6. If you visit GM insider sites, they are predicting much closer to 500hp and 500 ft/lbs of torque. Given the 500+ weight differential the horsepower difference is much less of a factor. 500 pounds through the turns can’t be ignored.

    By the way the nissan only comes in an automatic, no stick.

    • Nissan is both auto and manual basically. All of them have the option to go fully auto, semi auto (no need to hit the clutch) and fully manual.

  • Jay

    Corvette all day! Looks much nicer and for 50,000 less you can’t beat that , just drop a super charger and it will blow the doors off of that Nissan

  • blootz

    your stupid, the gtr skyline beats the worlds fastest car(Bugatti Veyron gt) off the line till 100mph with half the hp. the Corvette supercharged can’t even dream of that kind of performance.

    • Blitz4800

      Actually the new record holder for the worlds fastest car has a Corvette ZR1 Twin Turbo LS9 motor under the hood, its called the Hennessy Venom GT

      • Andy

        Yeah with two turbos the size of your face strapped to it lol. Chevy would never try anything like that

      • muxi

        yeah but Hennesy venom gt can reach it’s top speed in 2 miles…..
        do not compare Buggati with Hennessy and do not caompare Mighty GTR with american underdogs.

  • Mav

    Nissan all day, spot on!

  • round

    Well your comparison should be rewritten because of the price . . if you compare it to the supercharged version which of corse there will be then well bye bye nissan haha and also the vette looks hell of a lot better all round .