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Twitter Vine video app for Android soon

The new standalone video-sharing app for iPhone called Vine has recently been launched by Twitter, which allows users to share clips up to six seconds in length that play on a loop within tweets. Currently a free application for the iPhone is available through the App Store, although there’s every intention to launch Twitter’s Vine app on Android.

According to a blog by Vice President of product, Michael Sippey, says the app has been considered for other platforms and will be coming sometime soon. The specifics of Vine’s social video application are documented on The Guardian viewing it as an iPhone only app for the time being, although company co-founder Dom Hofmann discusses the aim of this being more about abbreviation for people to enjoy quirky little windows into the people, settings, ideas and items that are used in everyday life.

Those of you who are not taken by Twitter’s new video app may want to find out more and this can be viewed in a hands-on experience on Mashable, which delivers some interesting insight after they performed tests by uploading videos to social networks. The reviewer explains that some went up immediately while others took sometime.

When it comes to video recordings in a noisy area the sound can be jarring and intense for viewers, therefore this works much better if you are recording in a quiet location. Have you experienced the Vine video app? If so let us know your thoughts.



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