The Last of Us demo opportunity before release date

We have a much needed update on The Last of Us to bring you now, and it’s great news. The game won’t be out until May 7 this year, but we can now confirm that you’ll have the opportunity to play the game earlier thanks to a special demo promotion. If you pre-order God of War Ascension which releases in March, it will come bundled with a gameplay demo for Naughty Dog’s upcoming title.

God of War Ascension is due out March 12 on the PS3 and there is a multiplayer beta that is currently in progress on the PlayStation Network for selected users. It’s obviously not the first time that we have seen Sony cross-promotions like this, and even the Ascension demo itself was bundled free for those who opted to pick up the Sony Movies Total Recall reboot.

Unfortunately, there are no additional details on the demo for The Last of Us yet, so we don’t know what kind of content it will contain. We’re guessing Naughty Dog will give players a preview of one full mission in the single-player campaign and save multiplayer for when players actually pick up the game.

The developer has said though that details on the demo will be released soon on the PlayStation Blog. Either way, it’s a nice little incentive to preview the game a full two months before the game goes on sale. Is God of War Ascension looking good enough to merit a purchase by itself though, or are you planning to pick it up just to play the demo?

Let us know your thoughts on the demo announcement and whether you think God of War Ascension is worth the money or not.



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