Microsoft Surface Pro features touted by Microsoft

By Alan Ng - Jan 28, 2013

Earlier this week we talked about the gaming performance capability that the Microsoft Surface Pro has, considering it is equipped with integrated graphics via an Intel HD 4000 chipset. The jury is still out on that topic, but after Microsoft finally confirmed a solid release date for the upgraded tablet, the company has now released a promo video explaining some of the other features on offer.

We think they have their work cut out as well, as it certainly isn’t a cheap upgrade at $1000 if you opt for the 128GB version especially when Microsoft are not including any of the key touch or type pad accessories. With that said though, it’s still a lovely tablet and is now likely to go head to head with the recently announced Sony Xperia Z Tablet that is also geared towards premium consumers.

Microsoft has released an official Surface promo, giving you a brief look at some of the features available. You may not be aware, but Surface Pro also offers touch input via Pen and we’re glad to see that there is a Surface Pen included with the Pro purchase. There’s also a glimpse at how you can view media in 1080p resolution and transfer your display straight to the TV for large screen viewing.

You can also access full Windows 8 desktop mode with the press of a button, letting you switch between the two different UIs depending on what tasks you are you looking to perform. Unlike the Surface with Windows RT, the Surface Pro comes with full Windows support so you’ll be able to run any application that you normally would with a PC.

Take a look and let us know your thoughts on the upgraded Surface tablet. Is it worth $899-1000 in your opinion or is it simply too expensive for you at the moment?

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  • Vladislav Taranov

    so when people spend $2800 for a pathetic mac book with high resolution screens it is ok, but when someone wants to spend $1000 for a very high end tablet/ultrabook that is not made by apple then everyone says ita too expensive…
    These people who say such things are hypocrites and two-faced wannabees with no integrity.

    • k

      because Apple fans are willing to spend. Andriod or Win fans are not. how simple is that

      • h

        well, not true, portions of win users are willing to spend, but for a fair package, not just paid extra for nothing. for the portability, touch input, 1024 level pressure sensitive stylus input, world’s thinnest keyboard, and a full HD display. not just for a brand name or it’s appearance..