Metal Gear Rising Limited Edition Plasma Lamp close up

We have some good news for those of you who are planning to pick up Metal Gear Rising. We have just had the release of the demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace and PlayStation Store this week ahead of a release on February 19, but now Konami has finalized the limited edition version of the game and there is one special incentive on offer for those willing to pay a little extra.

There is now a real expectation lingering in the air that Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is going to be well worth the wait. It has been well documented that the game came in for initial criticism, but now fans look like they are over that and Raiden’s spin-off hack and slash adventure is looking like one of the highlights of Q1 2013.

The standard game is available for pre-order at $60 from online sellers, but now you can also opt for the limited edition copy as well, priced at $149. That is obviously not cheap by today’s standards, but there is one unique item that may interest die hard Metal Gear fans.

We’ve seen dragon statues and quadrotor drones with respective limited edition versions of Skyrim and Black Ops 2, but if you pick up the limited edition version of Metal Gear Rising, you’ll be able to snap up a High Frequency Plasma Lamp that features a replica of Raiden’s trusty blade inside the lamp.

When switched on, the lamp will glow bright blue, similar to the way in which Raiden’s blade is seen in the game. It certainly looks slick, but is it really worth dropping $150 on it? Aside from the Plasma Lamp, Konami are also throwing in the official soundtrack CD and a limited edition two-side steel book which encloses the game itself.

Hopefully we’ll be able to bring you a video of the lamp in action, as we’re sure most of you will want to check it out first before deciding whether to purchase. It would have been nice to see some figurines thrown in there as well, but for now this is the confirmed items.

Let us know if you will be buying the standard version of the game, or the Limited Edition instead for $150.



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