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Bear Motion Nexus 10 leather case gets visual review

For that quality leather case, you wouldn’t go far wrong with the Bear Motion Nexus 10 Premium case with stand that’s currently available in black. Supporting the auto wake/sleep function, this product has recently gone down drastically in price, so those looking for the ideal case which is great value for money may need look no further.

Transforming into a sturdy stand the Premium Case Cover by Bear Motion has been tested to assure real quality with some of the best materials available, and an extreme reduction in price can be seen on their official website, With a listed price of $39.99 their heavily discounted price is a fraction of the initial cost, now going for only $12.99, which is a 68% saving of $27.00.

Even with a shipping cost of around $4.49, this is a great bargain and going by those who already own one, good things have been said about the Premium Case Cover. As far as the stand goes, this is regarded as structurally sound and very useful, although some have suggested that the back of the cover is a loose fit. In a brief YouTube video embedded below, viewers can see the case being shown off with a demonstration of the wake sleep function and the quality.

When it comes to quality cases to accommodate you cherished Nexus 10, the Case Cover by Bear Motion is a steal for only $12.99, so we would love to know if you already have a reasonably priced case with a similar quality, or do you intend to pick up this bargain?



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