2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee ordering and pricing breakdown

When we announced in early December that the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee would make an appearance at the Detroit Auto Show we were a little excited to see what design changes were made with the exterior and interior, and while they were nothing overly special, it was still nice to see this updated model.

It wasn’t all good though because we had assumed that during the unveiling of the SUV at the event we would have been rewarded with those two all-important details, and that’s the ordering and pricing breakdown. However, we seem to have redemption because those details have finally become available to us thanks to the Jeep Garage Forum, which you can see in detail in the link provided.

However, we thought we would supply you we some of the more important details for the 2014 Jeep Grand Cherokee ordering and pricing. The base two-wheel-drive Laredo looks set to see an increase of a $1000 when the new version of the SUV is released later this year with a price of $28,795. Cherokee Summit price will start at $47,995 for the 2WD model and $50,995 for the 4WD version.

The top of the range version will set you back a massive $78,000 plus for the fully loaded 2013 GC SRT8 model. Again this is just a highlight and the full breakdown can be seen above, but we need to stress that Jeep representatives have not backed up this claim just yet, but they do seem pretty specific not to be the real deal.



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