PS Vita 2.05 update is another disappointment

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2013

It has been confirmed that another firmware update is ready for download on the PS Vita. It goes without saying that the system is in dire need of some attention in the way of fresh games or system features, but unfortunately this update delivers neither. PS Vita 2.05 is available to download now, but it is the latest in Sony’s infamous security and stability update history.

We can also confirm that the update is a mandatory install as well, meaning that you are forced to install it before you can log into the PlayStation network to shop or play games online. Being a mandatory install, it also means that something has gone on behind the scenes and although Sony hasn’t mentioned it publicly, it’s more than likely due to a recent exploit that was found with the PSP game UNO.

Like MotorStorm and other games before it, hackers could manipulate the game save files and gain access to the internal files of the PS Vita. This is obviously a huge security risk to Sony after what happened with the PSP and PS3, so it’s likely that they’ve halted progress on any new OS functionality to patch up the exploit asap.

UNO has now been removed off the PlayStation Store like other affected PSP games and PS Vita owners are now sitting on another new firmware update with no new features to play around with. It would be lovely if these frequent security patches came with a little something extra on top, just to make the painful experience a little more bearable than installing mandatory updates with no benefit to the user.

After the recent Resident Evil Revelations snub from Capcom, we’re looking to see what is going to be the next big game to land on the system. We’ve heard no further information on the mystery Phantom Pain Metal Gear-esque game, but Soul Sacrifice is certainly looking very promising.

Let us know where you stand on these mandatory updates will no functionality added to the system every time. Are you willing to put up with it, or should changes be made?

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  • Fraze

    The Vita is a joke. Zero titles that make you want the system, nothing new to take advantage of the dual thumbsticks, Black Ops was a complete FAIL, and further more…to charge in excess of 30 dollars for 5 year ol PSP titles?!! LMAO…Sony must really think the consumer is a complete idiot. No HDMI out to connect to a TV, no internal storage….not only is this device LACKING what in this day and age should be “standard equipment”, they released it years to late, charge way too much and lets not forget its proprietart-tastic. Nothin like shelling out 50 bucks for a memory card that is no different than a MicroSD of the same capacity and speed that sells for 75% less than Sonys memcard. Give up Sony.

  • i just check my vita last night and updated it to 2.05…so whats new with that???my vita is stuck for 3 months now because i didnt use it,,,,i have plan to sell it and buy more games for my ps3….

  • BloodTorrent

    I’m not too concerned about piracy because i honestly think the PSP did all the better for it. All the generic western developed games slowly died, the PSP got a bigger install base thanks to the appeal of homebrew which resulted in more of the great japanese games getting developed for it and, in a lot of cases, even localised. Unless you just want repetitive “shooty gun games” it really isnt a big deal.

  • GeekyBen

    i recently signed up to ps+ and left my vita on insid its case, set to auto update, it just asked me to restart and it was done, pretty painless and standby time is excellent

  • Whiny Pirates

    It doesn’t take long at all. It’s obvious that the real reason they’re bashing Sony about this is because they don’t want Sony to patch the exploit so they can keep pirating the damn thing.

  • J

    I’m likely done with any sony gaming after the huge Vita fail. I really enjoy the concept of the PS3 and Vita, but they fail to deliver in massive proportions.

    Any game i care about on the ps3 is also available on the xbox 360. The Vita has a pathetic amount of games available, even after year of it being available.

    To me, it’s safe to assume that any future Sony game system releases will be just as much of a let down as the Vita has been.

    • Denis

      Only problem is games. And price point for some people. 3ds took awhile to get going. Fingers crossed 2013 is a better year for the vita.

  • kaspog

    no Hack for Vita is the key here… i don’t want Vita to be hacked and if these securities would help then its fine with me… hacking the Vita means low quality game releases and i think we don’t want it to happen…… as long as Vita isn’t hacked i expect more great games to come. Vita is still young i know game developers are just making sure its secure before they make efforts to come up we more great release tittles.

  • NgTurbo

    Some of you are deluded if you think the system isn’t in a bad place right now. I picked up the 3G model at launch and hardly play it. No games, no adverts, no marketing.. it needs a push big time. Last game I bought was DJ Max Technika Tune and it’s great for flights and other long trips. Otherwise, the PS Vita isn’t used.

    • Denis

      Yeah it’s not a good start. I think ur mistake was getting the 3G model 😛 Seriously! What were u thinking!? haha. Anyway there are a few games already out that are worth buying. Depends on ur tastes. Just needs games.

  • Zeus

    You may say the psp was ruined by modders but how many people bought a psp for modification purposes? I’m pretty sure psp sales beat the vita.

    • MooSaysTheCow

      How many people bought UNO for the exploit? I bet the company that made the game can’t be happier about it, even though it was removed from the PSN it was the best selling PSP game for Dec. 2012.

  • ill get one when A. they get more games out there, seriously, the vita game pond is drier than the sahara, while the 3ds has seen a slew of good titles. where is our ratchet and clank portable (perhaps a deadlocked remake?), or a new jak game, ece.
    B. lower the price. $250 is enough for a 3ds and several games, or a 32 gb nexus 7
    C. lower the price of the DARN MEMORY CARDS!
    that is all.

  • Nicholas Gatewood

    Quit your bitching, there’s nothing wrong with this. Damn whiner, I bet you’d whine under any circumstances as long as Sony’s involved.

  • Dirty Dan

    I’m holding off on buying one of these until:
    a) There is a price drop
    b) They release more psone classics (Crash, Spyro, MGS1, ect.) playable on the vita in the US.

    • Denis

      a) fair enough. The unit isn’t that expensive its the accessories that get you (mem card etc)

      b) Crash, Mgs1, not sure about spyro. Are all playable. Almost all available ps1 games are and have been for months now.

      • true, but i can just play those on my ps2…..i want NEW exciting games. why isn’t sony pushing the vita’s first party game library?

  • Velox

    Author is an idiot. If someone releases an exploit then of course Sony have to patch it. As someone said below, it takes 2 minutes and as for frequent, I’d hardly call them anything like frequent. Seen how many patches you get on a PC? I suppose you would prefer that Sony just leaves vulnerabilities unpatched? Ridiculous. This is another case of a small minded person jumping on the bash the vita bandwagon. I’m no Sony fanboy, it definitely has its faults (memory card pricing, battery life and so on) but fair play for Sony to release a powerful dual stick hand held gaming system when so many companies are holding off.

  • MattDawg422

    “.. just to make the painful experience a little more bearable than installing mandatory updates with no benefit to the user.” Seriously? It takes under 2 minutes to download and install. I’d hardly consider that a “painful experience”, especially if it prevents the Vita from being ruined like PSP was by piracy.

    • OHDAWG

      Spoken like an ignorant kid big guy. Not everyone has high-speed internet. 2 minutes to you may be 30 minutes to someone else.

      Besides, haven’t you heard of impulsive instant gratification? It’s all the rage with luxury items like the Vita. If you can’t have it this second without a wait; it’s painful.

      You must be a simpleton who doesn’t think beyond his own dog milking or some form of Sony stakeholder.

      • Belshee

        I’m going to assume, based on the way in which you just treated another individual, that you are not only a complete idiot, but a mean one to boot.

        While I respect the notion that high-speed internet has not yet become standard in most households, that point is irrelevant. If it takes your internet connection 30 minutes to download a 30 MB file, you probably don’t need the PS Store (since downloading a multi-gigabyte game would be ridiculous in your case), and you probably would have a poor experience playing online games. If this is the case, you don’t need to download this update.

        MattDawg422 also makes an important point: the author’s diction. He describes a system update as a “painful experience,” and refers to the lack of Resident Evil Revelations on the Vita as a “snub” (in the article itself, the author draws wild conclusions, including the fact that the Vita is a “sinking ship”). Even in asking for comments, the author asks “are you willing to put up with it, or should changes be made?” By asking whether readers will “put up with it,” the author asserts that system updates are somehow unjust or excruciating, which they aren’t. Admittedly, they are obnoxious.

        • MattDawg422

          Thanks Belshee, and well stated. I thought/hoped OHDAWG was trolling at first..

    • Sass

      Luckily, it’s being ruined all on its own, thanks to Sony’s lack of price reduction, low install base and companies making mediocre titles for it, or not making anything for it at all. It’s a great device, one that still has much potential, but only if things start drastically changing.

  • I have a ps vita and I’m about to sell it. It does not have better features than the ipad. I have an ipad an do uses it much more than vita. It is not above ipad . The vita is only above ipad in graphics . I’m a fan of al and the vita is disappointed right now. I think it will be an awesome handheld down the line . Later this year when good games comes out I will buy a new one .

    • Nicholas Gatewood

      Physical buttons. In two words I described the one feature of the Vita most important to it that the iPad does not and will not ever have, the thing that makes it the best portable gaming device in the world.

      Oh, and it’s pocketable. It can outperform any iPad in gaming applications because of its awesome hardware. It’s much, much cheaper. Its library of games is better after less than a year of existing. I could go on but I’m sure you couldn’t handle it.

    • Denis

      I really can’t see the comparison. One is a tablet, the other is a handheld gaming device. And don’t say ipad is a gaming device. Yes it has “games”. But nothing near the quality of a vita or 3ds. Tablet/Phone games are just little flash mini games, and don’t hold anything to real games. They can try as they might but, it’s not the same as having physical buttons.

      • Flynn Staples

        See, you say that but I’ve come across some wicked offerings on Android, ME:Infiltrator is awesome and there’s definitely a market for RPGs in their various forms on tablets.

  • I have no problem, they need our money and we need their games, so why rant about something as common-sense as this security patch update? what else do you want anyway for the feature? it’s already above ipad in terms of feature as far as I concern.