Microsoft Surface Pro gaming with Intel HD 4000 debatable

By Alan Ng - Jan 24, 2013

The wait will soon be over for the millions of you who have been waiting for solid news on Microsoft Surface Pro tablet. The RT’s bigger brother has finally been given a release date and we can confirm that you’ll be able to buy one at the start of next month. Unlike the RT, it offers full Windows applications support, but gaming performance on the Surface Pro will be a bit sketchy due to the inclusion of an Intel HD 4000 graphics card only.

It would have been nice to see a dedicated graphics card from the likes of NVIDIA to really justify the high price tag for the upgraded Pro, but Microsoft seems to have put gaming as a lower priority on the Pro. The company has confirmed that the big date for launch is February 9, and prices will start at $899 for 64GB and then $999 for a 128GB version – both models will not come with a keyboard cover.

If you want a type or touch cover thrown in which most consumers will probably want, then that is an extra $119.99 for a Touch cover and $129.99 for a Type cover – not exactly cheap. Full Windows support is the main incentive for Surface Pro buyers though and if you are also worried about gaming performance, you may have to live with playing games on a low resolution setting only.

You’ll be able to run games like Battlefield 3 right off the bat, just not with optimum settings and with luxury settings such as AA disabled. For those looking for a more detailed analysis of what the Intel HD 4000 chipset is capable of, this benchmark study will serve you well.

Will you be picking up a Surface Pro with gaming in mind? Should Microsoft be throwing in a touch or type cover to justify the high costs?

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  • hmmm. intel hd 400 for gaming? on THAT resolution? Mr. author, battlefield 3 hits mabye 30 fps on lowest settings at 720p with that gpu. given this thing has a 1080p screen? yeah…good luck with that.

  • Joe Chan

    They put a dedicated graphics card on that thing, the battery will die in an hour

  • Niello

    I agree that with the added cost you would expect a bit more performance, but I don’t think this was designed with gaming in mind. In my opinion “gaming tablet” is a bit of an oxymoron.