HTC M7 jumpstart pre-MWC 2013

Are you getting excited about the HTC M7 yet? The handset has yet to be revealed by HTC officially, but with the amount of leaks we’ve had in the past few weeks, it’s clear that the company’s new flagship is due to drop any moment. The M7 was heavily rumored to be set for a reveal at MWC 2013 in Barcelona next month, but we’ve since learned that HTC may be planning to introduce the device sooner.

The HTC Droid DNA was a great handset and gained considerable interest due to its inclusion of a 5-inch 1080p display screen, one of the first handsets to tout this ability before others soon arrived. The device ultimately came in for a bit of criticism over the lack of MicroSD support, meaning that consumers only had 16GB to utilize – less than that if you consider system resources.

That means that there is even more emphasis on the M7 being the true flagship device that consumers can really be proud to own ahead of the upcoming barrage of Samsung smartphones and an inevitable new iPhone as well. Aside from a 1080p full HD display, we’re also hearing that the M7 may take a page out of Apple’s book and include some aluminum materials on the back casing of the device.

MWC 2013 starts on February 25 and the M7 was expected to be one of the highlights of the annual expo. Instead, new speculation has begun that HTC wants to show off the M7 all on its own, with a separate event allegedly taking place on February 19. This would obviously give the spotlight to the M7 and the M7 alone, with no chance of perhaps being overshadowed by any other surprise smartphone announcements that may happen at the event in Barcelona.

We think it is a good move if it happens and a logical one at that to give the HTC M7 that added sense of pizzazz and glamour. Let us know if you are seriously considering this handset to be your next smartphone purchase. What other specs to you need to see first?



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