Fresh Microsoft Surface Pro D.O.A. claims unjust

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

With the Microsoft Surface Pro set to release 6 days after the Super Bowl there are now fresh claims that it will be D.O.A. but many consumers believe these claims to be unjust. That’s not all, it’s also been suggested that the Redmond company shouldn’t even be in the hardware business, and there could be a few people who would share this view considering the ill-fated Zune. However, if they were not in the hardware business then we would not have the Xbox 360 and the next-generation version already in development.

In a recent interview with Yahoo Finance analyst Brent Thill had made those claims we spoke about above but also said that Microsoft faces an uphill struggle with the Surface Pro because the tablet market is a tough one, which Microsoft could struggle to crack, which is evident with poor Surface RT tablet sales.

One of the funniest moments in the video was when the reporter had asked Thill who he thought would buy the Surface Pro, in which he replied Steve Ballmer, his kids, and other members of his family. However, we have to admit that Thill is being a little harsh and that the Surface Pro is not as bad as he makes out.

The first thing we need to point out is that the Surface Pro is not just a tablet; it is more of an ultrabook that has a tablet form factor. While I may never purchase a Surface Pro it’s easy to see the appeal of such a device because you can run full on applications, as well as the design appealing to a younger generation – something that Apple once did.

There’s also the fact that you will be able to run Battlefield 3 on the Surface Pro, although you will need to turn some of the settings down, which we explained for you in our post about gaming being debatable on the Pro becasue of the Intel HD 4000 dedicated graphics card.

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  • nachoote

    This article reminds me of why I never check tech news from this kind of website. This review is completely biased and lacking any intelligent analysis.

  • yeah. now, whe will it release? how many times will it be delayed? by the time we get it, Haswell will be out, and microsoft will be talking about the next version….until they actually RELEASE the darn thing, it is DOA.