Crysis 3 beta specifics on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC

The moment has now arrived for Crysis fans, as EA are now ready for open beta testing of the upcoming Crysis 3 game. Developers Crytek have sent out word that the multiplayer beta will soon be available for everyone on all platforms, and servers will be kept open for two weeks giving you plenty of time to decide whether the game is worth paying for upon release or not.

There is a lot of promise that Crysis 3 running on the new CryEngine3 tech can be one of the standout games of 2013. It has been in alpha testing as of November, but now we all get to see what the game is really like and if actual gameplay is good enough compared to the impressive cinematic teases that we have had for the game so far.

The beta is available for all three platforms – PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. Open beta testing will commence on January 29 and will run for two weeks just before the full release of the game on February 19. The Museum map was the only map available in alpha testing, but now Crytek are opening up another map, Airport, for open multiplayer testing.

There will also be two modes playable in the beta, Crash Site which you may already have heard about, and a new game mode called Hunter. This will be a survival based mode where two players play as Hunters armed with Predator crossbows, and the rest of the team play as Cell troopers who have to survive as long as possible within a time limit.

We can also confirm that beta testing will have a level cap of 10, but there will still be various nanosuit customization options available. We’re not sure if your data will carry over to the full game, but hopefully we can confirm this a little later for you. Let us know if you will be participating in the beta and if you agree that Crysis 3 has the potential to be a highlight of 2013.



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