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Sony Personal Content Station releasing in 5 months

The data on your mobile phone in some cases has valuable information that has been accumulating over sometime and losing your treasured handset could be more heartbreaking than however much the device is worth. With Sony’s Personal Content Station all your precious memories from your smartphone or tablet can be stored with one-touch backup.

This new Personal Content Station is expected to release in 5 months time, and the wireless hub is also compatible via USB connection or memory card with digital cameras for those photos and videos you want to keep safe. The specifics of this device can be seen on SonyNet along with a special promo video of the LLS-201 Personal Content Station and the many other uses, including the option to view photos and videos on such things as home AV devices.

A HDMI interface gives owners the opportunity to view videos and photos on large-screen TV in full HD quality up to 1080/60p, as well as share this data on Social Networking Sites like Facebook and Twitter. Simply download the free “PCS Manager” app accessible through Google Play or the App Store and you can manage your content to share, store and view at anytime. When it comes to compatibility the Android smartphone and tablet require Android OS Ver.2.3 or later, and the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad require iOS 6.0 or later.

Have you been waiting for an easy to use Personal Content Station like this? If so, this could be the ideal device to look forward to.



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