Resident Evil Revelations HD on everything but PS Vita

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2013

Another new Resident Evil game is on the way to console, but it isn’t Resident Evil 7 just yet. Capcom has decided to re-release Resident Evil Revelations on console and PC, the game that was originally a title for the Nintendo 3DS. Aside from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, Resident Evil Revelations will also be coming out on Wii U, but there has already been disappointment from fans who are angry that the PS Vita has been ignored – again.

As it stands, there is yet to be an exclusive Resident Evil game for the PS Vita and the fact that Revelations is now coming out on every other platform except the Vita, is going to surely cast Capcom in a bad light until they improve the situation.

Don’t forget this is coming on top of the infamous and ongoing Monster Hunter snub, with the developer choosing to release all new Monster Hunter games on the Wii U and Nintendo 3DS only, with the PS Vita yet to get a taste. The console version of Revelations is going to be more than just an HD port, with new content promised, new difficulty levels and even Hunk as a playable character in Raid mode – Resident Evil’s answer to the endless horde gameplay type.

The good thing to note is that a release date for the game has already been established. Revelations is due for a simultaneous platform release on May 21 in the US and May 24 for those in Europe. To celebrate the news of the game, Capcom has also released an announcement trailer, which you’ll find below.

We just hope that Capcom are saving a PS Vita announcement until E3, as it’s clear that Resident Evil belongs on the PS Vita at some point, the same can obviously be said for Monster Hunter too, and Final Fantasy – the list is endless. Let us know your thoughts on Capcom’s choice to ignore the PS Vita for Revelations. Have you played the game on 3DS already?

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  • why would you bother to produce a port for a system with crap sales and low software sales? you wouldnt make much…and certainly not worth the time.

  • derp

    Sony Fanboys. Lol

  • Arch

    but then again.. i played this a bot on my mates DS and have to say it is nothing special. Nothing like old scary RE and graphics were a let down but thats probably down to DS poor performance in the first place.

  • Arch

    no VITA???? aarghhh… Capcom are now my enemies !!

  • sam

    I was really really hoping this would come to vita, capcom what are you thinking?

    • they are thinking that they would loose money on a port, unless every single owner of a vita bought this game…..