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Intel Haswell will be last desktop motherboard

Over the past few years we have seen a huge downturn in the PC market, firstly because of laptop sales and more recently tablet devices. We have seen companies such as Dell being hit hard by this because the desktop PC was a huge part of their business portfolio, and now Intel looks to be affected by this downturn as well, which is why they have made the decision that once the Intel Haswell is released it will be their last desktop motherboard.

This shows that Intel has recognized that making motherboards for PCs is not the way forward, although in the report it does say that Intel will still be committed to making boards for servers and workstations. While some PC owners will see this as a sad day, those who will not is Taiwanese motherboard makers, because they will benefit from Intel pulling out of the business.

As we said, the final motherboard will be Haswell and will be released in June, which we find very sad because it’s like the end of an era. However, we have to feel positive in the fact that Intel will now put more focus in to other areas of their business – maybe even better processors in the future then?

While the PC market is far from dead it’s clear that the decline will keep happening until there are only a few motherboard manufacturers left, although we’re sure that they will adapt as well. However, they might not have the sort of resources that Intel has.



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