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Elder Scrolls Online Beta with cinematic, but no gameplay

We have some massive news for Elder Scrolls fans now, as Bethesda has now confirmed that sign-ups are available for those fans wishing to take part in the upcoming beta test for the MMO title. Along with the beta sign-ups, the company and ZeniMax Online Studios have also released an amazing cinematic trailer for the game, giving you another look at some of the factions playable in the game.

You just know that this game is going to be well worth the wait and Bethesda really know how to get the juices flowing with a cinematic trailer. We felt it was like a movie whilst we were watching it and glued to the clip the whole time to see how it unfolds at the end when the three factions meet.

The three factions seen in this particular ‘Alliances’ trailer are the Aldmeri Dominion, Daggerfall Covenant and Ebonheart Pact teams, which each obviously offering a different set of abilities and combat type. We can’t wait for the game to arrive after seeing some of the potential on offer in the trailer, but not everyone seems totally pleased with it.

We’ve been reading some initial feedback on the trailer and a lot of you are fearing that it could be another ‘Old Republic’ pattern, where an amazing cinematic trailer was followed by ‘poor’ gameplay when actually playing the title. It’s true that no gameplay was shown in the trailer, but hopefully Bethesda will be able to end the doubt soon by revealing that the gameplay is just as good.

For now though, just enjoy the fact that we now have a new trailer out and beta sign-ups are available. There’s no date yet for when the test will be starting, but Bethesda will be picking out registered members at random, the company has said. Good luck to all and let us know your reaction after watching the visually impressive trailer.



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