DmC Devil May Cry Old Dante returns, for a payment

While Ninja Theory has been teasing users who insist on having old Dante back, by putting an amusing easter egg in DmC: Devil May Cry, it turns out that old Dante will be making a longer appearance in the game for those who are willing to pay for it. The first batch of DLC has been revealed in the form of three new costumes for Dante, one of which is his appearance from Devil May Cry that should make some of you a little happier with the situation.

Earlier this week, we’ve seen complaints over new Dante reach new levels by a White House petition, while the low scores on Metacritic are still coming in thick and fast from users who won’t be happy until a completely new game is made which returns things back to the old Devil May Cry roots.

We have a feeling those days are over though, and there’s no reason for them to return either with the new game receiving very positive review scores from official critic reviews. Enough on the ongoing debate though as there is new DLC on the way for the game, which could improve things for disgruntled gamers.

A costume skin pack will be available on January 29 in the US, January 30 in Europe and will cost £3.19, $4.00 or 320 Microsoft Points to download. For that you’ll get Neo Dante, Dark Dante, but more importantly ‘Classic Dante’ which is modelled on his DmC3 appearance.

As you can see from the image above, it looks very slick, although some of you may be unhappy that you’re having to pay for this. PC owners won’t however. Capcom has said that when the PC version of the game releases, these three costumes will be included at no extra charge for those that choose to pre-order.

It is only $4 we are talking about here though, so we think it isn’t too much of a big deal with two other costumers included as well as the return of Classic Dante. Will this now end the barrage of hate aimed at Ninja Theory, or will it continue to happen throughout the year?

Let us know if you plan to pick up the game or purchase the costume pack, now that old Dante is returning via a DLC costume.



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