Create a robot with 3D printers

After watching numerous movies that featured robots we’re sure that there are a few of you out that who would like your own, not to become a slave for you, just so you can say to your friends you have your own robot. For a while now this only seemed like a dream, but you’ll be pleased to learn that there are people out there who are making this a reality.

There is a chance that you can soon create a robot with 3D printers thanks to a sculptor and model marker, where as you can see in the video below has been making his since 2012. The project is called InMoov and has seen the French man build two arms and has already begun work on the head and torso, and while there seems like a way to go, we find it awesome how the robot can already understand and respond to voice commands – hope it’s better than Siri.

While this robot has yet to be completed you can already start work on your own, but only if you have a 3D printer, and not the small one you have in your home. If you head over to this website, Langevin has uploaded a series of design specifications, but remember that this will take time, so be prepared to wait a while for your results.

As you would imagine printing those parts is just the first step, the next will be to assemble it; again Langevin has supplied instructions for you to put your robot together as well– just hope you don’t have the same idea as Howard from the Big bang Theory.



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