Black Ops 2 Die Rise zombie feature teases new tactics

By Alan Ng - Jan 23, 2013

Are you ready for the first DLC pack for Black Ops 2? Revolution is the first of four map packs for the game and for Xbox 360 Season Pass owners next week, there will be four new multiplayer maps and a new zombie map called Die Rise to play. Activision has released a new celebrity themed trailer to coincide with the upcoming release, but we’ve spotted that there’s a hidden new zombie feature thrown in there as well.

You can always count on Treyarch to add exciting new features for every fresh zombie map they release, and Die Rise will be no different. We’ve already confirmed to you that there will be new wonder weapons to find and new buildable items in TranZit mode, but now it looks like Treyarch will be shaking up zombie tactics once again.

Watch the new video below, featuring Swedish actor Peter Stormare and specifically stop the video at the 2:18 mark. You’ll see a Speed Cola perk machine going up an elevator shaft and there’s no doubt that Treyarch put this little teaser in on purpose to hint of a new feature.

It looks like players will now have to complete certain tasks to get the elevator moving so you can get your Speed Cola fix and reload faster as you take on hordes of zombies. Speculation has begun on whether all the perk machines in Die Rise will be attached to elevators, or if the Speed Cola machine is a special case. Looking at the video, we wouldn’t be surprised if Treyarch puts the Speed Cola perk machine in a zombie hot spot, with players on both ends of the elevator entrance having to protect the player who wishes to use the machine so they don’t get overrun.

Either way, it is going to be an interesting mix up to the way the game is played, but we’re sure tactics will have to come into it before being able to actually use the machine. Maybe Juggernog will be moveable via elevators as well – what are your thoughts on this?

What other new features would you like Treyarch to put into Die Rise zombies?

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  • Marlton

    For those who wish to know if I am alive, the answer is yes. No, actually the answer is DUH! Did you rejects even play nuketown zombies and knife the door of the fallout shelter? That was Marlton you rejects -.- You guys obviously did not do your homework. I also agree with Regulator that the new map is something new and it could piss people off and on the other hand it can also keep people wanting more.

  • Regulator

    Piss people off? Most people are excited for a bigger different style of map. also with a vertical map with multiple levels is a change and will be a challenge. as is always every map some people like the different styles and some don’t they can’t please everyone! If you make them all like WaW or BO1 then fans go down for lack or creativity.. advice.. get better at the game and it wont piss you off.. not all maps are get the biggest gun and hold em off even tho it is a challenge move your ass every now and then or vice versa.. but point is I haven’t had but a few glitches so dunno what your talkin about get a better connection I guess! And with the changes with host migration for zombies is 10 times better which was the worst prob.. not a few glitches people leaving early was the problem esp as hosts then your whole game was wasted.. now it will change it to solo mode instead of drop the game.. so focus on the better aspects and get better at the game.. glitches are based on the host of the match so maybe ur connection sucks if ur the host or if you have a bad host ur playin with so get better people to play with or stfu.. tired of you people who complain cuz you suck at the game!

  • disapointed

    im starting to like all the bs fan rumors more than what the actual map is starting to look like..they need to fix the glitching and random system lock up created by their sketchy software before releasing a map that looks like it will definately piss people off. at least marlton is alive…?