Bionic ear to let Secret Service spy at events

Whenever there is a huge event on that could put the life of the President or someone else as important at risk it is the responsibility of the Secret Service to make sure that they stay safe, and as you would imagine they use some of the latest technology in order to carry out that task. However, they know that there is always more they can do, which is why they want what is basically considered a bionic ear in order to use at events.

The Secret Service would have loved such technology during the recent Inauguration because trying to hear what is going on during such a hectic time is almost impossible, which is why they are now looking for the technology so that they can decipher a gunshot and take the necessary steps.

Currently the surveillance system is outsourced to private analysts, but the Secret Service aims to take over this role, again only if they are able to find the right technology. We’re not sure if these private companies would welcome this move, but would they have any choice if asked?

An interesting article has been looking into this and it looks as though the Secret Service are very serious about this gunfire technology, although they have been asking if those who supply the technology if they can be integrated into other detection systems.

There are so many variables that make it hard to detect where a gun shot has come from, but the Secret Service hope that they will be able to learn details such as what caliber gun was used, elevation and velocity of the projectile and so much more. Could such a system ever be implemented and if so would the Secret Service get their way in having total control of the system?



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