Apple Mac vs. Microsoft Windows, a switchers story

By Peter Chubb - Feb 27, 2013

While Apple may be accused of not innovating enough when it comes to the iPhone 5, this cannot be said about their Mac range, because over the past few years we have seen some amazing changes, with the latest iMac with its slim design and Fusion Drive proof of just that. I’m seriously considering jumping ship and heading over to Android (unless Apple do something special with the next iPhone) but I have no intention of giving up my Mac for a Microsoft Windows computer, and it seems that so many others share this decision.

Okay, so we know that PC sales are still far more than that of the Mac, but Apple has made a huge amount of progress in terms of innovation and sales with the Mac over the years. I was a Windows PC users for years, but just four years ago I made the switch to Mac, and I’m never looking back, and an interesting article seems to agree for the most part and has also decided to share what they feel is wrong with Windows over Mac, yep it is a switchers story.

It’s clear to see that the guy in the story is a huge Windows fan, as well as his friend, but a few years later his friend saw the light and that “Back in those days Windows worked. It’s stopped working.” We know that for some windows still works, but there isn’t the passion for them like there once was, and shows that Apple is doing a far better job with their Mac range than they are with the iPhone.

However, the one issue that Apple has with Mac is how enterprise users still embrace Windows, and so would be foolish to have a different platform at home compared to what you have to use during the day at work. It seems that while Mac is great it’s never going to reach its full potential all the time businesses still embrace Windows.

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  • Jimmy Matthew Bruner

    what an idiot.not only is the authors grammer jacked up.but even more important is that i read this crap.bub you just make yourself a nice lil bowl of pot and go to sleep dumbo.what really caught my eye is when you wrote ” Stopped working”…What the hell does that mean?Dont answer! professionals only please!

  • I agree that the author of this article is a whimsical hipster from San Francisco. Keep dreaming buddy. Windows 8 FTK.

  • marhorn

    I have seen more grammatical errors here than in a bowl of alphabets!

    Stop trying to be hipsters, Windows is the most reliable…..its why police, hospitals and armed forces use them and the whole ecosystem.

    Why? Well it ain’t because they want to look cool….its because they want the job done!

    People used to buy Macs for sound production, my mates that are into that are switching back to Windows and they say they are stupid for going with the Mac(Intosh)