Xbox 720 before Sony PS4 after Sony CEO tease

By Alan Ng - Jan 22, 2013

It has been heavily suggested that Sony and Microsoft will be launching their next-generation consoles around the same time as each other, with Sony not wanting to repeat patterns in the past, which saw Microsoft have a year’s head start with the Xbox 360 against the PS3. That is what we thought, but Sony CEO Kaz Hirai has made some interesting comments this week, suggesting that they may be willing to let Microsoft launch their next Xbox first once again.

It goes without saying that the whole gaming community would like both the Sony PS4 and Xbox ‘720’ to release around the same period, this time around. A 12 month gap between the two respective consoles again would be a disappointing outcome for fans who are desperate to play both this year, but although Sony traditionally never comments on future products until ready, Kaz Hirai has been talking about the PlayStation 4 in a recent interview with the Business Times.

We had hoped that Sony may be even be first to release their next-gen PlayStation before Microsoft, but it now looks that Sony are looking to see what their rival has to offer first. Here is what Sony CEO Kaz Hirai said about the race to release first:

“Why go first when your competitors can look at your specifications and come up with something better?”

The timing of his comments is interesting since Sony wouldn’t be able to change all of their scheduling instantly, in the event of Microsoft announcing ‘something better’ before Sony. Hardware is obviously already locked down for the next-gen PS4, so his comments are a little strange – unless he is aware of the exact point in which Microsoft will announce and are already planning to follow up afterwards.

Then again, what is stopping Microsoft from thinking along the same lines? It sounds like a bit of mind games to us, but it’s great nevertheless – especially since Mr Hirai is never one to usually speak about early next-gen hints. What are your thoughts on his comments?

Do you think Sony will release their PS4 console before Microsoft’s next Xbox?

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  • Todd

    Damn. The whole reason XBox360 did well was coz it released first. If they both came out at the same time, it would not have even been close – PS3 would have killed it as it is by far the better machine. I’ll probably wait for the PS4, but if they lag behind on the release date, they can expect to see XBox720 ahead on market share for the first 2 or 3 years at least.

  • marhorn

    “We had hoped that Sony may be even be first to release their next-gen PlayStation before Microsoft” Sounds awfully like bias….
    This site aint got a clue…Xbox probably makes more money from imaginary avatar clothing items than sony makes from sales….didnt sont just sell their New York hq?, in a move which sony stated as “the motivation for the sale was to raise much-needed cash”
    Oh and I do own both….I had to have God of War (like the only decent game which uses more than a DVD)
    And I will buy both when they come out….just wont be bumming sony up and hating on Microsoft cos xp crashed once! (and since then the sheep have just kept thinking MS is rubbish)
    Peace out….