Nexus 7 handmade Treegloo case given review

By Marlon Votta - Jan 22, 2013

Treegloo’s cases were initially made for the likes of the iPad and have now started branching out to such devices as the Nexus 7, which these handmade designs offer protection as well as affordable value for money. The soft faux leather wrapped cases come with solid wood frames that keep your device in good shape, not to mention a nice looking accessory, so we are intrigued to know what is thought of the Nexus 7 handmade Treegloo case from the perspective of a reviewer.

When you are initially presented with a Nexus 7 Treegloo case your first impression is that this seems a bit hefty for a case, and Droid Life explain how this looks like it belongs on a bookshelf. The wood frames are hand-made not machine cut, which is something Treegloo hold close to their heart, and they come in a whole range of colors for both the frame and the leather with 9 and 10 colors available respectively.

This is part of their customization offer for those of you wanting a more unique case, and there are a set of liner prints accessible, which feature maps from around the globe. With prices as low as 30 dollars, this is a decent price for such quality and the custom options make this even more attractive. The handmade Nexus 7 cases may take a while to arrive, and this has been experienced by a few people including the reviewer on Droid Life, which saw the case take over a month to arrive.

Overall, the actual case feels nice in your hand and the faux leather is regarded as better than their Moleskin notebook, so the only drawback could be the amount of time it takes to be delivered, although owners are taken by the impeccable, solid and sturdy quality.

To find out more about the Treegloo Nexus 7 case, head over to or see it in action via the video review below. If you already own the Nexus 7 Treegloo case, or an iPad version, let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • I ordered a case at the end of September and didn’t get it until December. They told me that hurricane Sandy cause the delay but they are in Texas. Also, they said they were delayed because they were working on other designs??? If you do a Google search you will see this has happened to a lot of people. They make a good case if you feel like waiting forever. Also, consider choosing a dark cloth color for inside the case as it will be hard to clean.