BlackBerry Z10 Vs iPhone 5 for doubters

By Alan Ng - Jan 22, 2013

We’ve heard a lot of feedback on BlackBerry 10 prior to RIM’s official unveiling on January 30. Most of it has been very positive, while others have said that RIM has basically copied iOS and Apple’s smartphone design. Regardless of which side you’re on, we have an excellent video to show you now, comparing the upcoming BlackBerry Z10 with the iPhone 5.

It’s not the first time that we have seen an early look at the BlackBerry Z10 on video. Last week, we showed you a 7 minute preview of a developer model running a beta version of BlackBerry 10, but now we’re pleased to say that we have a fresh look at the Z10 and how it fairs against the mighty iPhone 5, the device which everyone seems to be drawing comparisons on.

The first thing to note is the size of the device, as the BlackBerry Z10 is a little larger than the iPhone 5, although that’s mainly due to the fact that the iPhone 5 is a 4-inch device, while the Z10 has a 4.2-inch based display. Throughout the video you’ll see web browser tests between the two devices, and even a first glimpse at how the BlackBerry 10 voice assistant (yes there is one) performs against the Siri on iPhone 5.

Both devices are almost identical in thickness and BlackBerry fans will be pleased to hear that there is no locked battery on the Z10 either – a factor that will become important if fans want to swap out the 1800mAh battery for a better one. During the voice assistant test, you may be surprised to hear the author state that searches were more faster and accurate on the Z10 – impressive considering the device isn’t even out yet.

BlackBerry 10 is looking better every day we see it. Take a good look at the study below and let us know your thoughts on the Z10. Will RIM now become one of the dominant forces in the industry?

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  • Danny Dodge

    BB10 looks like a nice OS but as a come-back it just looks like a desperate attempt.
    There is only room for three systems in the mobile war and WP stole BB’s thunder.
    As iOS seems to be losing grip it will be interesting to see whether either BB10 or Ubuntu Mobile can take the third position from them in the next two years or so.

    • ubuntu? Ok…….Ubuntu isn’t in the running. How about Mozilla lol.

      BB is still outselling WP with BB7. Do you think that BB10, clearly the best phone on the market, is going to have any trouble annihilating them out of the market for good. I bet 6 months from now Windows drops support for WP due to cash flow issues.

      • Danny Dodge

        BB phones are only selling cheap phones and aren’t considered “cool” by teenagers as they were before.

        Ubuntu Mobile OS looks fresh and will be released by the end of the year, I don’t think it will succeed but it is a nice idea, Mozilla’s OS is for developers only.

  • gdonelson

    very impressive!!! I like it and can’t wait to see it!!