Wii U first to next-gen, but still a decade too late

By Alan Ng - Jan 21, 2013

Nintendo as a company may have had a successful launch in relation to their next-generation Wii U console, but it’s clear that the critics are still out there looking to take a few shots at the Japanese firm when any opportunity arises. In this instance, renowned industry analyst Michael Pachter has given his latest thoughts on the company, claiming that Nintendo are always too late when it comes to releasing products onto the market.

Given that Nintendo first introduced the world to the Wii and Wiimote motion control gameplay which was then copied by Sony with the Move, it seems a bit harsh that critics are still picking on poor Nintendo. We think that they should be cut some slack given their efforts to bravely push the Wii U out significantly before other next-gen consoles arrive, but these latest comments by Michael Pachter are not likely to go down well.

In his latest episode of Pach Attack, he has said that Nintendo are always late to the party, specifically referring to the Wii U which he’s called the ‘Wii HD’ and said that it is ‘three years to late’. Continuing the attack, he added that Wii Mini (which is Canada only at the moment) is also five to six years too late, the Nintendo eShop is ‘seven or eight years too late’ and rather harshly, said that ‘online multiplayer for Nintendo is seven or eight years too late’ as well.

He saved his worst attack for last perhaps by conceding that Nintendo has ‘great ideas’, but that they are ‘great ideas from the last decade’. Nintendo are not going to enjoy reading his comments we feel and some of you may be a bit unhappy at the no holds barred dig at the company, who are obviously trying their best to keep up with Sony and Microsoft as a rival.

What are your thoughts on Pachter saying that Nintendo are always too slow and that their great ideas are ideas of the last decade?

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  • Joel

    Totally Agree! But, after I bought several consoles (PS3,XBOX 360, Wii, PSP) I have to say that the only console I dint replace for malfunctioning was the Wii. That’s why I decide to give a try to this new console. I think Nintendo have a lot of potential. But they need to keep the rhythm.

  • Elem187

    I don’t think Nintendo is “trying to keep up” with anyone.
    Nintendo has always made its own path in gaming. I prefer Nintendo keep innovating how we interact and play games with pushing gameplay elements forward. Just sitting there pushing buttons on consoles that only go for eye candy isn’t enough for me to open my wallet. I have never even once been tempted to buy a Sony or Microsoft console. Buying a console system for eye candy is absurd, the hardware is always outdated as soon as its released, and my year old computer will be faster than the new Sony/Microsoft box’s to be released and I’ll have paid less for it than the suckers buying it at launch.
    Nintendo should be praised for what they do.

  • to be fair, the wii u’s online system is a mess, heck, you cant have the word screw in the name, or it is banned (poor screwattack) and nintendo has made no move to fix it, yet claims to be aiming at hardcore gamers……

    • Elem187

      I prefer the policing system, otherwise miiverse will just delve into a scum of an online system of nothing but trolling, fights, swear words, etc….. Almost zero gaming talk would happen and the community would die.

  • Paul Hughes

    Why do people listen to this prat? Nintendo isn’t playing the same “game” as MS or Sony. I f Nintendo chooses to go all out specs etc like them, then 3 of the same consoles on the market just won’t work. We need variety and we’ve got it, so just give each “New” console a shot and see if you like the “GAMES” not hardware….games!
    If I wanted realistic GCI then I’d go watch Transformers. I do like good graphics but it’s not the bee all and end all, gameplay is King!…..always will be….we play “games” not watch them….jeeeez.

    • Elem187

      If Nintendo spent their R&D cash on only graphics potential they wouldn’t have any left over for changing and innovating gameplay.
      Remember the president of Sony gaming division came out in 2007 and said “We are not doing motion controls, it is gimmicky, we only do real gaming” … 3 years later Sony added a “me too, me too” motion controls, which the “move” was an even bigger flop than the Vita if you can imagine that…. Nintendo innovates, Sony imitates.

  • Look at him – he spends all day as a so called analyst and i’m sure he hasn’t played a game before. This is one of those so called analysts that failed to predict the credit crunch and i’m sure he hasn’t played a game ever!